What is Hybrid Krav-Maga

Hybrid Krav-Maga is a hybrid between Krav Maga and competitive full contact fighting systems based on striking, grappling and wrestling in any standing or grounded environment.

This makes Hybrid Krav-Maga a hybrid fighting and self-defense system developed to maximize the efficiency of the practitioner to survive any type of situation in any type of context with an individualized approach to movement.

HKM has a strong base built on efficiency and functionality that is similar for all types of groups going from civilian self defense to Special Operations.

On that base the system then adapted to the individual and group at hand depending on their specific demands by utilizing and improving on the (physical and mental) qualities of any performer no matter their abilities, job or equipment.

The Elements of HKM

The elements of HKM is the different subjects that the system is divided into to help streamline the learning process for the practitioner, they are used in the progression of the curriculum and are all needed to create the system. They each contribute to the whole.

All the building blocks and solutions to problems have been chosen because they are all proven in realistic combative applications as real life scenarios and/or competitive full contact sports.

Every element is divided into sub levels (i.e. Striking – Defenses, Clinch – Releases, Weapons – Defenses …) to cover everything that is needed for the practitioner to function and for the coaches to have an eaasy way to create sessions and deliver the knowledge to the students.

To allow for the practitioner to be able to adapt and use the solution that fits them the best – based on personal preferences and the nature of the environment (problem) that they are presented with – most problems has a Grappling based solution and a Striking based solution.


Everything related to standing movement


Attacks and defenses against attacks in a standing environment


Attached fighting in a standing environment, including grappling and striking


Attached fighting in a grounded environment, including grappling and striking


All types of weapon training attached or detached


All types of detached movements in a grounded environment.


Self Defense Tactics and movement to Deter – Detect – Deny – Delay – Defend

Pressure testing

HKM is a developing system and will continue to be so. Solutions and methods in the system must continuously prove themselves to stay in the system.

Constantly Pressure Testing the system at all levels of the organization in training through realistic training and scenarios, in competition (internal and external) and through feedback from practitioners and instructors that implement the system in real live events (civilian or professional) allows HKM to constantly evolve and stay on the forefront of the development in the field.

Anything that does not meet the standards of surviving pressure testing under realistic conditions of violent confrontation will be reinvented or removed. Realistic sparring and scenario based training will be a natural part of learning and pressure testing solutions, as well as applying solutions against non-compliant opponents.

Thinking practitioners

In HKM a very strong focus is placed upon efficiency of movement and solving the problem with the means the practitioner has to solve it. Efficiency precedes form and personal abilities has a big impact on performance.

Behavior driven responses, platform, striking, stand up wrestling, clinch, grappling, takedowns, efficiency of movement and the personal prerequisites of the practitioner. Constant pressure testing and sparring is the driving forces to make HKM the most realistic, efficient, and complete fighting and self-defense system on the planet. HKM has a scalability that makes it suitable for as many different groups as possible without losing the effectiveness for the group at hand.


Violent conflict is an ever changing environment of chaos. Erratic, changing, momentarily decided by circumstances that is out of our control.

To combat this we have to spend time in it and learn to control it, to embrace the chaos as part of our environment.

We have to learn to take control of what is available to us in the moment and then work to improve on that. Get closer to the core of the problem and deal with it with the tools available to us

All training in violent conflict has to involve the element of chaos to be realistic.

Hybrid Krav-Maga utilizez chaos as a tool and let the students learn to embrace it as part of training by spending time in it.

Learn to control chaos by embracing it.


4 pillars

To cover all aspects needed for a effective Fighting and Self-defence system to work in a environment where there the differences between physical attributes of the participants is not taken into consideration training has to cover all 4 pillars to minimize the differences as much as possible.


This pillar covers all the technical skills and solutions to deal with the problems that might arize.


This pillar overs all the tactical skill and solutions to deal with the problems that might arize.


To be effective in physical conflict a practitioner has to be in as a good of a physical condition as possible.


The mental aspect of dealing with violent is extremely important. The knowledge and understanding that your Technical, Tactical and Physical skills has been maximized to help you avoiding or surviving violent conflict will build your mental fortitude.