Hybrid Krav-Maga Headquarters

Hybrid Krav-Maga is a flat organisation with easy and direct access to HKM HQ for all instructors.

We believe in an open flow of information and skills to make HKM grow and improve together. We want to do this by eliminating steps in the organisation and make sure that the instructors have direct access to HKM HQ so that they can share their knowledge and experience directly.

To be able to do this the organisation only have two layers.

HKM HQ and Instructors/School owners

This is the team at HKM HQ


Tommy Blom

Tommy Blom

Founder & Head Instructor

As the founder and developer of HKM Tommy has the responsibility to keep the system at the front of development in all aspects.

E-mail: info@hybridkravmaga.com

HKM Headquarters

School owner

The HKM Set-up

HKM is a developing system and will continue to be so.

To be able to keep it like that we believe that a direct contact between instructors and HKM-HQ where knowledge and experience can be shared is important.

One of the main ways of making sure tat that happens regularly is a monthly online instructor workshop where we train and can discuss solutions, training methods and everything else that has to do with being an instructor teaching HKM.

The HKM Instructor Package

As a Licensed HKM School owner/Instructor you will have access to:
  • The right to use the HKM Logo and branding for website and training clothes.
  • Your details on the HKM web site
  • Direct contact to HKM HQ
  • Support through HKM HQ and the HKM Community
  • Being part of the HKM Community
  • Updated digital assets, video library
  • International Instructor Updates (you choose the location from the HKM Calendar)
  • Unlimited training days/Year (On-Site & Online)
    • Updates
    • Instructor Courses
    • Selected Workshops/Seminars/Camps
  • Monthly Instructor workshops and discussions (Online)
  • A printed certificate, upon successful completion
  • Certifications valid for two years