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The HKM Transition Course (HKM-TC) is designed for Krav-Maga Instructors that wants to join HKM. The course is designed to ensure that the Instructors understand all aspects of HKM to a level of being able to teach HKM to their students.

The HKM-TC is a 7-day course that is offered on-site and online. The days are divided into 2 sessions of 4 hours/day. The 14 sessions of training is a mix of theory and physical training, with a main focus on understanding the HKM way of teaching and training.

The goal of the HKM-TC is to ensure that you as an instructor learn, understand and adapt the HKM way of training and teaching in comparison to previous ways.

Who can join the HKM-TC

HKM-TC is designed to transfer active Krav Maga instructors that are active within major organizations or active independent instructors that have a background in major Krav Maga Organisations. The main reason for targeting this demographic with the HKM-TC when designing this course is consistency in delivery of information to the end users, the students.

Since the HKM Instructor is the ambassador for HKM to the local students and environment we want to make sure that he/she is embodying that spirit and fits that profile. Therefore a successful Personal interview/skill test (online or in person) with a HKM representative is required to join any of the HKM courses that produce instructors.

Note: If you are not eligible for the HKM-TC we recommend you to participate in the HKM-IC which is the full Instructor course of Hybrid Krav-Maga (see the menu).

General Requirements for HKM-IC/TC

  • Legal age in the local country
  • No criminal record or affiliations
  • Good physical abilities
  • 4 years of experience in martial arts or min HKM W3 (P3 in major KM-org)
  • Successful Personal interview/skill test (online or in person)

What will you learn in the HKM-TC

In HKM a very strong focus is placed upon efficiency of movement and solving the problem with the means the practitioner has to solve it. Efficiency precedes form and personal abilities has a big impact on performance.

Behavior driven responses, platform, striking, stand up wrestling, clinch, grappling, takedowns, efficiency of movement and the personal prerequisites of the practitioner. Constant pressure testing and sparring is the driving forces to make HKM the most realistic, efficient, and complete fighting and self-defense system on the planet. HKM has a scalability that makes it suitable for as many different groups as possible without losing the effectiveness for the group at hand.

Some of the subjects in the HKM-TC

  • Behavior driven responses
  • Platform and movement
  • Striking
  • Stand up wrestling
  • Clinch
  • Grappling
  • Takedowns
  • Efficiency of movement
  • How to train at the right intensity to maximize learning.
  • The usage of pressure testing, sparring and competition for improvement
  • The skills and understanding of teaching the HKM Curriculum
  • Professional knowledge on how to plan and run your classes
  • The Ecological/Constraints Led Approach for teaching and training
  • The importance of pressure testing
  • The importance of individualized movement patterns
  • Grappling vs striking. Pros and cons
  • The HKM approach to striking
  • The HKM approach to levels and progression in ranks
  • The HKM approach on division to Subjects
  • The HKM approach to names of solutions
  • The HKM approach to combining drills
  • Upgrading/removing solutions
  • Choosing the right solutions based on situation and individual preferences
  • HKM Levels and testing
  • Understanding the HKM Curriculum

Whats in the package

You joining the HKM community of instructors and schools is something we are very proud of and take very seriously.

In HKM we will always have an open and direct communication with the community and we want to make sure that you have a chance to add from your experience to the community. Our goal is to have an open and flat organisation where we can help each other grow and improve to be able to spread the system to the people that need it.

Therefore we have put together a package that we think reflect that idea and goal.

NOTE: The successful participation of the HKM-TC includes a one year Instructor licence and membership. 

The HKM Instructor Package

The successful participation of the HKM-TC includes a one year Instructor licence and membership. 

As a Licensed HKM School owner/Instructor you will have access to:

  • The right to use the HKM Logo and branding for website and training clothes.
  • Your details on the HKM web site
  • Direct contact to HKM HQ
  • Support through HKM HQ and the HKM Community
  • Being part of the HKM Community
  • Updated digital assets, video library
  • International Instructor Updates (you choose the location from the HKM Calendar)
  • Unlimited training days/Year (On-Site & Online)
    • Updates
    • Instructor Courses 
    • Selected Workshops/Seminars/Camps
  • Monthly Instructor workshops and discussions (Online)
  • A printed certificate, upon successful completion
  • Certifications valid for two years

How does it work

HKM want to remove as many logistical obstacles as possible for you to to be able to join the courses and workshops. Therefore we will offer the HKM-TC in-person or online.

HKM is a fighting and self-defense system and the physical aspekt of that environment is something that has to be there in training to ensure that the students understand the chaos that happens in violent conflict. Both the in-person and online versions of HKM courses are designed to ensure that the participants experience that as part of their training.

Requirement for online training

  • At least two paying participants eligible for the course
  • A stable internet connection
  • A good quality webcam that ensures full view of the training area
  • All required training equipment

The process

  • Contact us

    Contact us through the form on the contact page o through the email below.


  • Interview

    We schedule an online meeting over zoom

  • Register

    We register you for the course, this will be done through our web shop

  • Attend the course

    Attend the course and train with a minimum of one other registered candidate for the course. This can be done online or in-person depending on the courses listed on the site and geographical location.

  • Certify

    At the end of the course you will be tested on the newly acquired skills to make sure that the right material is shared with your students.

  • Start teaching HKM

    Congratulations! You are now a certified HKM Instructor and can start teaching the system to your students.

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Violent conflict is an ever changing environment of chaos. Erratic, changing, momentarily decided by circumstances that is out of our control.

To combat this we have to spend time in it and learn to control it, to embrace the chaos as part of our environment.

We have to learn to take control of what is available to us in the moment and then work to improve on that. Get closer to the core of the problem and deal with it with the tools available to us

All training in violent conflict has to involve the element of chaos to be realistic.

Hybrid Krav-Maga utilizez chaos as a tool and let the students learn to embrace it as part of training by spending time in it.

Learn to control chaos by embracing it.