About Tommy Blom

Tommy Blom has been active in physical training since 1983 and started his coaching career after 2 years of Krav Maga training and finishing the first Krav Maga Instructor course outside Israel in Sweden 1996, lead by Eyal Yanilov. Since 2002 Tommy has been working professionally with educating all types of groups, ranging from civilians to professional elites in Krav Maga and physical development globally.

Tommy was the third person (first non Israeli) in KMG to reach a Master title. In physical training Tommy is one out of five StrongFirst Certified Master Instructors in Europa.

Currently Tommy educates, reeducates and coaches instructors, civilians and professional elites in Krav Maga, Combatives, Self Defence, Defensive Tactics, Physical Education (Kettlebell, Barbell, Bodyweight), through private training, group training, courses, workshops in person and online.

Tommy constantly works to improve all fields he is active in to make sure he can maximize the outcome for clients/students.

Hybrid Krav-Maga


Krav Maga

• Master 1 (KMG)
• Global Instructor (Educates / further educates instructors and Special Assignments)
• Instructor since 1996
• Active since 1994
• Director KMG & IKMF in Sweden during many years
• Participated in the introduction of Närkamp in the Swedish Armed Forces (2002-2004) Has trained, System Representatives, Examiners, Instructors & Soldiers
• Civilian Self Defense Instructor • Law Enforcement Instructor • VIP Instructor • Air Marshall Instructor • Public Transport Instructor • Military Instructor • SWAT Instructor • Mental Conditioning Instructor •  CQB Instructor


• Blue Belt under Prof. Rafael Macedo Da Silva


• Professional Record (3-0-0) Sherdog Link
• Inactive Instructor since about 2000 (Shooters MMA)
• Active since 1998

Rory Miller

• Instructor Development Program, 2017
• Scenario Training, 2016


• Master StrongFirst Certified Instructor
• StrongFirst Elite
• Kettlebell Instructor SFG II
• Barbell Instructor SFL
• Bodyweight Instructor SFB
• Educates / further trains instructors
• Foundational Strength, 2017
• Instructor since 2006


• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, 2018

Ground Force Method

• Global Instructor (Educates / further educates instructors)
• Instructor since 2012
(Formerly Primal Move)

Oxygen Advantage

• Instructor

Buteyko Clinic

• Instructor

Functional Movement Systems

• Foundational Strength, 2017
• FMS Level 2 Certified sedan 2017
• FMS Level 1 Certified sedan 2009
• Y-Balance Test Certified
• CK-FMS sedan 2010
• SFMA (Non-lic – only clinics licensed.
• Assisted on FMS certifications


• R-Phase Trainer