Mission and Goals of HKM

The mission and goal of HKM is to combine the qualities from competitive full contact fighting systems and the no-rules mindset of Krav-Maga to create a system that gets the best of both worlds.

We believe that the first part of any reality based system is to improve the fighting abilities and mindset in the student by training under realistic pressure together with tactics and solutions that has proven themselves under pressure in realistic scenarios.

This makes Hybrid Krav-Maga a hybrid fighting and self-defense system developed to maximize the efficiency of the practitioner to survive any type of situation in any type of context with an individualized approach to movement.

A new way of training

Skills build confidence

One of the foundations of the HKM system is that “Skills build confidence”

This means that all training in HKM will be based on building the necessary skills in the practitioner so that the right skill (response) is what is activated in the time of need.

This is done by creating thinking practitioners that through active problem solving under realistic pressure understands the why, how and what behind the solutions and are able to adapt to the constantly changing environment of physical conflict.

Thinking Practitioners

In HKM a very strong focus is placed upon efficiency of movement and solving the problem with the means the practitioner has to solve it. Efficiency precedes form and personal abilities has a big impact on performance.

Behavior driven responses, platform, striking, stand up wrestling, clinch, grappling, takedowns, efficiency of movement and the personal prerequisites of the practitioner. Constant pressure testing and sparring is the driving forces to make HKM the most realistic, efficient, and complete fighting and self-defense system on the planet. HKM has a scalability that makes it suitable for as many different groups as possible without losing the effectiveness for the group at hand.

Understand – Practice – Apply

HKM will utilize the Understand – Practice – Apply method where the main focus is to allow the student to internalize and adapt the skill to their own abilities under realistic pressure in an as effective way as possible will 

  • Understand.
    The first step where the student gets the why, how and what behind the skill. This is done to help the student internalize it and “own it” by learning the principles and methods behind it.
  • Practice.
    At this stage the student solidifies the skill by increasing pressure, speed, resistance and power in the training to keep the practitioner in “a sensory rich environment at the edge of their ability but not beyond”.
  • Apply
    The last stage of the training is the stage where it is time to Apply the skill to test it and refine it under realistic (but safe) conditions. At this stage the student should be allowed to lose in training to be forced to internalize and adapt the solution to their own circumstances (physical, mental, tactical). Losing in training during pressure testing strengthens the individual skills and improves thinking in the student.

Pressure testing

Constantly Pressure Testing the system at all levels of the organization in training through training under realistic pressure and scenario training will be a natural part of the development of HKM and allows us to  evolve and stay on the forefront of the development in the field.

Other ways of pressure testing will be through feedback from practitioners and instructors that implement the system in real live events (civilian or professional)  and competition (internal and external) that brings experience into the schools and organization.

Anything that does not meet the standards of surviving pressure testing under realistic conditions of violent confrontation will be reinvented or removed. Realistic sparring and scenario based training will be a natural part of learning and pressure testing solutions, as well as applying solutions against non-compliant opponents.

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